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888 Korean BBQ - Best Korean Barbecue Restaurant in Las Vegas

Saturday, 23/12/2023 - 11:13
5 / 5 của 3 đánh giá

Have you heard about 888 Korean BBQ, the hidden gem on Spring Mountain Road? While it's a standout dining spot in Chinatown for Korean barbecue enthusiasts, it's been somewhat elusive online due to the lack of a website. We're here to fill that gap with an informative guide, ensuring you have all the details for a memorable meal.

Discover the Delights of 888's Menu

At 888 Korean BBQ, you're in for an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) journey through Korean culinary traditions. Their extensive menu, filled with Korean barbecue classics, is a key reason why they're celebrated as one of Las Vegas's premier Korean BBQ destinations.

The menu offers three primary selections: Black Angus, Prime, and Kobe. However, it's important to note a unique dining rule: all members of your party must select from the same menu. Each menu is priced individually per person.

Dining Experience at 888

Like many AYCE Korean BBQ places in Vegas, 888 enforces a 90-minute dining limit. Also, remember that taking leftovers home is not an option. This ensures a fresh and authentic experience every time you visit.

Reservations and Walk-ins

888 operates on a walk-in, first-come, first-served basis. Though you can't reserve a table by phone, trying to book through Yelp might be a viable alternative. However, due to its popularity, especially during weekends, it's advisable to arrive early to beat the dinner rush.

Hours and Practical Tips

888 is open daily from 11:30 AM to midnight. As operating hours might change, it's a good idea to call ahead to confirm. This way, you can plan your visit perfectly and dive into the savory world of Korean BBQ without any surprises.

With this guide, you're all set to explore the flavors and joys of dining at 888 Korean BBQ. Enjoy your culinary adventure!

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